Asics - A shoot with running enthusiasts.

Two sunny days in August… When I’ve heard I can shoot for Asics in Munich… Wow… amazing… can't believe this chance will be mine..! So I prepared myself with lots of inspirational photo stuff, technical training and just wanted to show up giving my best… And then... such a great experience... Every shoot you will learn and this was exactly the case with this shooting. I am so grateful for this experience. Many thanks to Asics and I hope we will work together soon.

Here are some impressions:


Bavarian Fall Festivity.

It's fall. It's that special atmosphere here in Munich. It's that time everyone is looking forward to and I've stepped out of my appartment for a photowalk. A photowalk to catch emotions people usually have when they are participating the so called "Wiesn". I've tried to capture mood and spirit in my photos to give you an idea how it feels to be there.  

Images have been shot with a 50mm and 85mm prime lense.